IT Security Solutions


Organisations today face IT security challenges on many fronts. These include controlling user access to systems and resources and data security issues such as secure storage, secure transmission, data authenticity and data integrity.

User access control presents challenges include employees accessing cloud services, enabling remote working and the "bring your own device" (BYOD) culture. Employees can be required to access numerous different systems with numerous different credentials. This creates problems which can lead to insecure credentials and time wasted regaining access to systems as a result of forgotten passwords.

Data security challenges exist both in terms of storage and transmission of sensitive information. Sensitive data must be stored 'encrypted at rest' but also be sent encrypted between parties (eg, different departments or companies). Encryption keys must be stored and utilised securely without the risk of keys being leaked.

Ensuring data authenticity involves the originating party asserting their digital identity on an item of data, for example a document. Recipients are then able to check that the document did indeed come from a particular source. This is acheived by the use of digital signatures through digital certificates issued by a Certificate Authority as part of a Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI). Digital signatures also help with data integrity checking - enabling recipients to assure that the data has not become corrupted or been tampered with.

Microcosm offers a range of to fit your requirements:


User Access Control

A complete authentication solution.

  • SmartSign
    • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Token & User Management
    • SDK
    • SECaaS/SaaS Solution

Digital Security


A range of hardware enabling enhanced IT security.