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Smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens via NFC

Nick Smith | 8 October 2021
IT-Sicherheitshardware NFC Einmalkennwort OTP

We are pleased to announce the release of our smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone our programmable tokens can be flashed with new secret keys and settings. This allows hardware tokens to be used as a replacement for authenticator apps for 2FA/MFA on platforms including Microsoft Azure, Office365, AWS and Google.

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One-time password: frequently asked questions

Nick Smith | 27 March 2020
HOTP Einmalkennwort OTP TOTP

Answers to common questions relating to importing, provisioning and managing OTP hardware tokens in 2FA and MFA environments.

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HOTP und TOTP: Welche Unterschiede gibt es?

Nick Smith | 3 July 2018
HOTP Einmalkennwort OTP TOTP

HOTP und TOTP sind die beiden wichtigsten Normen für Einmalkennwörter (OTPs, one-time passwords), doch welche Bedeutung haben sie aus sicherheitstechnischer Sicht und unter welchen Umständen sollte man sich für welche Option entscheiden?

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New developments in OTP authentication hardware

Nick Smith | 19 January 2017
Authentifizierung Einmalkennwort OTP

Despite the emergence of mobile-based authentication technologies and the convenience they offer, organisations concerned with security continue to embrace the humble One-Time Password (OTP) token and the security it brings.

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