Notes For New Dinkey Pro Customers

Thank you very much for your recent purchase of Dinkey Pro. To get the most out of this product, please take a few minutes to read the important notes below.

If you have a demo copy of Dinkey Pro, you should uninstall it before continuing. The demo software and demo dongle are not compatible with the software and dongles that you have just purchased. You can return your demo dongle to us at this address for reuse or recycling.

If you need any help or have any questions about Dinkey Pro, please check out our online support resources.

Your Dinkey Pro Software Development Kit

Your copy of the Dinkey Pro Software Development Kit is unique to you. A unique set of encryption keys (along with your SDSN—see below) are hard-coded into your dongles, your SDK, and any software that you protect using your SDK. This prevents other Dinkey Pro customers using their dongles with your software, and vice versa.

You can install the SDK on as many computers as you like. However, you should be careful about who has access to your SDK. The SDK user manual explains the purpose of each part of the SDK, and which parts are intended for distribution to your end-user. Familiarise yourself with the SDK utilities, and never give anyone access to an SDK tool that they don't need, or the security of your protected software could be affected.

All updates to the SDK are free. You can request a download link for the latest version of your Dinkey Pro SDK at any time by filling in the form on this page.


Your Software Developer's Serial Number, or SDSN, is your unique Dinkey Pro customer ID. You can find your SDSN on your invoices or by going to Account Details in your online account. You can also find it by running the DinkeyLook SDK utility. On Windows and macOS, go to Help > About in DinkeyLook's menu. On Linux, run DinkeyLook with the --version command-line parameter.

Your Account

When you placed your first order for Dinkey Pro, you created an account linked to your SDSN. You must use this account for all future orders, so that the dongles have the right SDSN and encryption keys to be compatible with your SDK and protected software.

For security, we will only ship your dongles to postal addresses registered on your account. You can manage these addresses in the Address Details section of your account. Similarly, SDK download links will only sent to the registered e-mail addresses on your account, which you can manage under Account Details.

To aid account recovery, we strongly recommend that you have at least two registered email addresses on your account. Please be aware that all registered email addresses can be used to log in to the account, reset the account password, and modify the existing registered shipping addresses and email addresses. You should only add the email addresses of people that you trust with the security of your account and of the software you protect using Dinkey Pro.