SmartSign supports secure login without passwords

Password-Free Logins

A majority (57%) of internet users use the same password for most websites.
Ofcom, Adults' Media Use and Attitudes Report 2013

With passwords either being hard to remember for the user or too easy to guess by a hacker, using SmartSign to elleviate the dependancy of them could be just what your system needs. With the use of biometric authentication, it will eliminate the risks associated with using a password and will increase security.

Passwords no longer provide the necessary security to secure web-facing systems. The constant arms race between hackers and security experts means that systems have to be frequently updated, in order to secure them against the next generation of brute force password cracking schemes. With SmartSign, you can eliminate your reliance on passwords, and authenticate users using their fingerprints or their own hardware.

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The SmartSign Widget

SmartSign Widget

By embedding your logo and using CSS, you can customise the SmartSign widget to match your brand.

SmartSign Management System

Management System

View and manage your users and devices all in one place through the web-based SmartSign Management System.

Two-factor authentication for Android and iOS

SmartSign App

Authenticate with nothing more than your smartphone, through the SmartSign app for Android and iOS.