Authentication Methods

SmartSign supports various MFA authentication methods

SmartSign supports various methods of authentication as shown below. You can choose which methods to allow when configuring your MFA deployment on the SmartSign Portal.


WebAuthn (FIDO) Security Keys

Simple and convenient multi-factor authentication using FIDO keys.

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OATH OTP hardware tokens supporting HOTP and TOTP


SmartSign supports OATH One Time Password (OTP) hardware tokens, both HOTP and TOTP.

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Smartphone-based MFA by scanning a QR code


QR-Code based MFA. Simple, convenient and secure.

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Email-based OTP for MFA

Email-Based OTP

Instantly deploy MFA by delivering OTP codes via email.

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Use Dinkey Pro dongles for MFA

Dinkey Pro Dongles

Create simple, secure website access control for Dinkey Pro dongle users. USB dongle based authentication.

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