Authentication Gateway

MFA Authentication Gateway

The SmartSign Authentication Gateway automatically adds MFA to a website without the need to make any source code changes.

The SmartSign Authentication Gateway acts as an authenticating web proxy through which the target website or web application is accessed. MFA is enforced by the gateway in accordance with the settings you configure on the SmartSign Portal.

zero coding multi-factor authentication gateway

No Coding Required

Protect your website or web application without making any changes to the source code.

It takes just a few seconds to create the deployment using the SmartSign Portal.

MFA methods

Multiple MFA Methods

Authentication Gateway MFA supports every authentication method available in SmartSign.

Users and MFA devices can be managed easily through the SmartSign Portal.

authentication gateway subdomains

Unlimited Subdomains

You can protect multiple subdomains all under the same authentication gateway deployment.

Alternatively create subdomain specific deployments if you require more control over the users that can access each one.

rapid deployment mfa gateway

Rapid Deployment

The SmartSign Authentication Gateway lets you add MFA to your web app in seconds.

Comprehensive Browser Support

Comprehensive Browser Support

The SmartSign authentication widget supports all major browsers.

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Integrate SmartSign MFA


SmartSign MFA can protect logins on a wide range of platforms.

SmartSign Management System

Management System

View and manage your users and devices all in one place through the SmartSign Portal.

Multi-factor authentication app for Android and iOS

SmartSign App

Let your users authenticate with their smartphone using the SmartSign app for Android and iOS.