Dinkey Pro version 8.0 released

The Dinkey Pro Team | | 2 Minuten lesen
ARM Kopierschutz Dinkey Pro/FD DinkeyOMS Linux Shell Software-Schutz

This release includes everything you need to get started with DinkeyOMS, our new cloud-based licence management system for Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD dongles.

For a full list of changes to Dinkey Pro, please see the Dinkey Pro version history.

Reduce your workload managing users, dongles and software licences

Launched alongside Dinkey Pro version 8.0, DinkeyOMS is a complementary service that simplifies and even fully automates a number of the administrative tasks involved in dongle-based software protection. The latest SDK includes all of the documentation and new software utilities needed to integrate DinkeyOMS into your organisation's workflow.

Over the coming days we'll be blogging about some of the situations where DinkeyOMS can really help you out. Watch this space! Update: these posts are now live and linked below.

Shell-protect even more Linux software

New to the Linux SDK in version 8.0 is support for Shell protection on ARM platforms. You can now Shell-protect native binaries and shared libraries for use in both 32-bit (Aarch32) and 64-bit (AArch64) environments.

We have also made a number of improvements to the internals of Shell protection on Linux, improving performance and ensuring compatibility with new features introduced in recent versions of GCC and other tools.

More options for network licensing

Also new in this release is the option to count network users of protected software per device, instead of per program instance. This behaviour allows implementation of licensing models that limit how many real-life people are using your app, but not how many instances each one is using. It also allows for improved security in some situations, for example you can now use Shell protection on an executable that spawns copies of itself without each copy being treated as a separate network user.

Let us know what you think

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions or thoughts about this new release, you can get in touch using any of the methods listed on our contact page. And please don't hesitate to reach out with any feature requests or other suggestions for future versions of Dinkey Pro.