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How to copy-protect demos and trial software

Martin Payne |
Kopierschutz Software Licensing Software-Schutz Trialware

It is common practice for software developers to release demo versions of their software so that potential customers can evaluate its functionality before purchasing it. This licensing model is usually known as trialware, demoware or "try before you buy". This article explores how software demos can be provided in a secure way while protecting IP and revenue streams.

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Dinkey Pro/FD version 7.4 released

The Dinkey Pro/FD Team |
Kopierschutz Dinkey Pro/FD Software-Schutz Trialware

We are very pleased to announce a new release of the Dinkey Pro/FD SDK, version 7.4. Version 7.4 brings a much sought-after feature to Dinkey Pro/FD—demo software keys. Read on to learn more.

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