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SmartSign smartphone 2-factor authentication app for secure login to websites and web applications

With the free SmartSign app users can perform two-factor authentication with ease. The app transforms the user's smartphone into a secure and convenient authentication token, providing quick authentication on the go.

You have control over how the user can authenticate, through options set when calling our API or authentication policies created through the Management System.

Diagram illustrating how Out-Of-Band authentication works; it authenticates between the two servers.

The SmartSign app supports Out-Of-Band Challenge-Response authentication combined with 2048-bit RSA digital signatures. This authentication procedure ensures non-repudiation and authenticity of response messages.

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Other Authentication Methods

Smartphone mobile soft-token 2-factor authentication


Smartphone and tablet based two-factor authentication. Simple, convenient and secure.

One time password OATH OTP HOTP TOTP hardware token support


SmartSign supports OATH One Time Password (OTP) hardware tokens, both event-based and time-based.

Email-based One Time Password (OTP) 2-factor authentication

Email-Based OTP

Instantly deploy strong authentication using email OTP delivery. Tokenless authentication on the move.

FIDO two-factor authentication 2FA SDK

FIDO U2F Tokens

Simple and convenient two-factor authentication using FIDO U2F tokens (USB or contactless).